Bitcoin 2021 is the largest bitcoin show on earth. It’s two days of fist-pumping mania for the average bitcoiner and three days for bitcoin whales that wanted to spend $14,000+on a special “Whale Pass”.

Blockworks’ own Casey Wagner went to the show to report on the panels and speakers, but also to experience the eclectic mix of hyperbitcoiners (some of whom wore bathing suits on the show floor or bikinis in the press room), crypto-themed artwork, sumo wrestling matches, more gin than coffee, off-brand energy drinks, two-hour lines at food trucks and Tony Hawk skateboarding demos.

Casey missed Tony Hawk, but her search for coffee gave her the chance to capture a few snaps so you could experience the show from your desktop.

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The entrance to Bitcoin 2021
A rather scrubby entrance to the event at the Mana Wynwood in Miami. That is what a giant bitcoin may look like in case you are curious.

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