“F-ck the Fed”

Aleks Svetski, Amber.app
Aleksander Svetski, Founder of Amber, on stage for the “Toxic Maximalism: A Feature, Not A Bug” session.

Bitcoiners get riled up about several topics: The Fed, the Treasury Department, the IRS and government in general as evidenced by Day 1 keynote: Former Congressman, Republican/Libertarian, Ron Paul.

In the above pic, Alexsander Svetski was on stage for his “Toxic Maximalism: A Feature, Not A Bug” session when the audience began to feel the effects of drinking too many Wild Elephant energy drinks mixed with gin.

Panelists offered up quotables like “We’re not gonna stop until those sh*t coin channels are gonna f-cking die,” while the audience tossed out “F-ck the Fed!” chants like t-shirts from a t-shirt cannon.

It’s not surprising this nascent industry experiences such volatility with investors like that.

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