Swag was a mixed bag

Bitcoin 2021 giveaways
The giveaways at Bitcoin 2021 left a lot to be desired. Where were the battery banks? (Photo on left via Ellie Frost’s Twitter).

It’s been over a year since we were all able to get to a trade show and get our hands on free swag so we’d all packed our expandable tote bags expecting to load up on stress balls, wind-up dancing robots, cell phone battery banks, pens and mints.

Unfortunately, we were crushed to find empty fluorescent fanny packs and Playboy “intimacy gel,” plus lots of hand sanitizer (gross). By the end of the day, abandoned fanny packs and half-filled cans of aforementioned Wild Elephant energy drinks littered the show floor.

Sadly, these types of giveaways didn’t help improve the image of the overall digital asset industry. It’s no small wonder that the SEC is stalling on approving bitcoin ETFs. Hopefully they didn’t attend.

Next year, we’ll all hope for stress balls and little wind-ups or at least a battery bank because the Wi-Fi and cellular service was so terrible it drained Casey’s battery. (Clearly someone forgot to order the portable cellular base stations.)

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