Bitcoin as Pop Art

Art by Warhold at Bitcoin 2021
This crypto-themed homage to Andy Warhol by Warhodl attracted a crowd in the Bitcoin 2021 Art Gallery. Would Warhol approve? Yes, we thought.

Bitcoin 2021 dedicated significant square footage to an art gallery that featured work by crypo artists like Warhodl, Bitko Yinowsky, Bitfandango, 40/60, Brekkie von Bitcoin and more.

Here at Blockworks, Casey and I decided that if Andy Warhol was alive today, he would probably be a bitcoin investor.

In our imaginary world, Warhol would have attended Bitcoin 2021 to watch the spectacle. He would have hosted an exclusive party attended by the sumo wrestlers, Tony Hawk, Paris Hilton (who apparently showed up to the Gemini party), boxer Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul (see the next page) and event keynote Ron Paul who would probably be lurking behind the potted plants.

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