In 1944 the world’s most powerful nations gathered at a secret conference in New Hampshire to rebuild the global monetary system.

Today, that system is no longer working. Hosted at the same hotel as the original conference, Bretton Woods: The Realignment will gather the world’s premier economists, macro analysts and investors to ask:

What is the future of money?

Diego Parrilla
Portfolio Manager, Quadriga Asset Managers

Dr. Pippa Malmgren
Economist & Author

Jurrien Timmer
Director of Global Macro, Fidelity Investments

Grant Williams
Founder, Things that Make You Go Hmmm...

Lyn Alden
Founder, Lyn Alden Investment Strategies

Dan Tapiero
Founder & CEO, 10T Holdings LLC

Luke Gromen
Founder & President, FFTT, LLC

David Mercer
Chief Executive Officer, LMAX Group

Brent Johnson
CEO, Santiago Capital

Steven Van Metre
CFP & Investment Advisory Representative, Atlas Financial Advisors, Inc.

Michael Green
Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist, Simplify

James Davolos
Portfolio Manager, Horizon Kinetics

Jeffrey P. Snider
Chief Investment Strategist, Alhambra Investment Partners LLC

Dmitry Tokarev
CEO, Copper

Julia Coronado
President & Founder, MacroPolicy Perspectives LLC

Jeff Booth
Entrepreneur & Author

Stephanie Miller
COO, Lukka

Robert Materazzi
CEO, Lukka

Asen Kostadinov
Head of Strategy, Copper

Day 1: The Present

  • MMT & The Fiscal Super Cycle
  • The Petrodollar and the Future of US Hegemony
  • The Changing Mandate of the Federal Reserve
  • A Retrospective on Triffin’s Dilemma
  • The Critical and Misunderstood Role of the Eurodollar System
  • The Withdrawal of the US and Overuse of Sanctions
  • The Macro View: The Future of the Dollar

Day 2: The Future

  • The Role of Bitcoin in the Monetary System
  • Market Structure: Venues, Flows and Liquidity
  • The Past, Present and Future of Banking
  • The Case for Central Bank Digital Currencies
  • Organized Leisure Activities



Chatham House Rules will be observed within the conference space.

The leisure activities offered to attendees are at the core of building connections.

This event is executive-level only. Tickets limited to two per company. Blockworks will review all applications for tickets and send an email confirmation if your application has been approved. 

Executive Summit Pass
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Full conference participation

Private Telegram group access upon social sharing of attendance

Ancillary activity participation on Friday afternoon

All meals Wednesday evening through Friday lunchtime

Event side transportation to and from airport (shuttle service)

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Bretton Woods: The Realignment

Wednesday - Friday, August 11 - 13, 2021

Omni Mt. Washington, Bretton Woods, NH

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