In the latest episode of Blockworks’ “Generational Arbitrage,” host Tyler Neville speaks with Kevin March and David Micley, co-founder and director of sales and client relations at Floating Point Group.

Kevin and David give their perspective on the developing structure in crypto markets, arbitrage opportunities, generating yield and leaving Bridgewater to work in crypto.

Check out what they had to say in the video below. 👇

The social fabric of contemporary American life is tearing itself apart. On “Generational Arbitrage,” once a week, Tyler Neville, author of Blockworks’ smash hit Daily Newsletter, digs into the institutions whose promises are left unfulfilled. The generational imbalances are vast and very few can speak out against entrenched interests. Let’s find them!

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  • Morgan Chittum is a New York-based reporter covering markets and digital assets. Before Blockworks she was a street reporter at New York Daily News, where she wrote about homicide, extremist groups, state politics and other critical topics in New York. She was a Media and Journalism Fellow at the Poynter Institute, where she dabbled in data and investigative journalism. She is published in American Banker, Yahoo News, Chicago Tribune and more. She is based in Brooklyn.