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Brent Johnson: An Update On The Dollar Milkshake Theory

On today's edition of "Boiler Room," Alfonso Peccatiello is joined by Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital for a timely update on the US dollar milkshake.

Throughout 2022 the US dollar has continued to climb higher against most currencies around the world, most notably the Japanese Yen, British Pound & the Euro. Many years ago, Brent outlined his dollar milkshake thesis stating that as long as the current monetary system stays intact, the US dollar will continue to outperform major currencies around the world and cause some real damage in the process. Brent now joins us for an update on his thesis, but to hear that, you'll have to tune in!


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(00:00) Introduction 

(00:36) An Update On The U.S Dollar

(03:49) Fed Pivot? Think Again...

(05:24) Intervention In The FX Markets

(08:34) The BoJ Will Not Be Bullied

(11:40) How Effective Are FX Reserves At Saving Currencies?

(15:13) The Dollar Milkshake Theory

(22:17) The Great Deleveraging

(25:28) Final Thoughts


Disclaimer: Nothing discussed on Boiler Room should be considered as investment advice. Please always do your own research & speak to a financial advisor before thinking about, thinking about putting your money into these crazy markets.

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