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Will Fed Tightening Spell Danger For Markets | Andy Constan

On this Friday's edition of Boiler Room, Alfonso Peccatiello is joined by Andy Constan CEO/CIO at Damped Spring Advisors. With over 30+ years of experience working at some of the largest funds in the world such as Bridgewater, Brevan Howard & Salomon Brothers; Andy provides a deep dive into the often misunderstood financial plumbing to help investors navigate the Fed's quantitative tightening program. 


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00:00 Introduction

00:32 Quantitative Tightening

04:32 What Happens When The Fed Stops Buying Bonds?

08:30 Risks vs Rewards Between Bills & Bonds

14:06 The Reverse Repo Facility

21:22 Quantitative Tightening Could Spell Danger For Markets

24:33 Is Quantitative Tightening Priced In?

27:44 Fiscal Handout's Throughout 2022

30:19 Risk Management

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