ep. 110


Jerome's Dilemma: Inflation vs Recession | On The Margin

In this week's episode, we started off with a recap of Bitcoin Miami from Mark. Next we launched into March's record breaking CPI print, and where Mark sees inflation heading from here.

Next we moved into PPI (Producer Price Index) and PMI (Purchasing Manager's Index), what those economic indicators mean, and what they can tell us about the next 18 months of growth. We took a look at food inflation, various asset prices, and how investors should be thinking about the volatile environment we find ourselves in.

Finally we closed on Elon's attempted purchase of Twitter, but for that take you'll have to check out the show.


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(01:36)・Takeaways From Bitcoin Miami 2022

(05:08)・8.5% Inflation Print

(06:56)・U.S. PPI Hits Record High

(13:48)・Chinese PMI Rolling Over

(16:52)・Expecting shorter cycles

(23:38)・Negative Asset Class Returns In 2022

(28:55)・Blockdaemon Ad

(30:04)・Financial Repression

(32:07)・Elon Musk Offer's To Buy Twitter

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