ep. 106


The Yield Curve Inverted: What Now? | Weekly Roundup

In todays On The Margin weekly roundup, Mark & I begin by discussing the 2yr 10yr yield curve inversion. Is the bond market signalling a recession on the horizon? What will this mean for other asset classes such as stocks, commodities & crypto?

We then transition to discussing the work from home dynamic and whether employees will cause an exodus out of big cities, whilst demanding the same wages. What does this mean for the labor market throughout 2022 & beyond?

Finally, we dive into Zoltan Pozsar's recent 10 page note published by Credit Suisse titled 'Money, Commodities, and Bretton Woods III'. For that discussion, you'll need to tune into the show.

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Zoltan Poszar Money, Commodities, and Bretton Woods III - https://plus2.credit-suisse.com/shorturlpdf.html?v=51io-WTBd-V


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(00:00) Introduction

(00:14) Permies and Permissionless!

(02:42) The Yield Curve Inverted: What next?

(09:40) The Yield Curve & Stocks

(20:57) Commodities Bull Market

(26:02) Wages: Location vs Quality of Work

(30:11) Fireblocks Ad

(31:29) Remote Workers Migrate

(34:15) Ruble Bounces Back

(44:17) Michael's Weekly History Fact

(46:50) Zoltan Poszar Calls For Bretton Woods III

(54:01) Thoughts on Luna & Terra

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