Jim Leitner: A Trade for the Commodity Supercycle

We are proud to present a brand new podcast launching on the Blockworks channel The Macro Trading Floor. Every week one of the best worldwide global macro investors will join Andreas Steno Larsen & Alfonso Peccatiello to discuss the economy, markets & provide an actionable trade idea.

To kick off this exciting new series, Andreas & Alfonso are joined by Jim Leitner a market veteran who traded his way up on Wall Street, recording Billions in profits during the process. Now running his family office Falcon Management, Jim walks through some of the greatest opportunities in markets today from commodities to FX trades whilst simultaneously sharing his outlook for inflation & a possible recession on the horizon.


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(00:00) Introduction

(02:25) Worst Take Of The Week

(05:45) Market Outlook

(12:10) Feature Interview With Jim Leitner

(12:52) Inflation & Financial Conditions

(19:54) Forecasting A Recession

(22:00) Are We In A Secular Commodity Bull Market

(30:35) Investing In Brazil

(39:26) Jim's Actionable Trade Idea

(42:08) Post Interview: Final Thoughts

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