• ETHcc is the largest European Ethereum event.
  • My “crypto-economics,” talk explained the history and origins of money and its development from barter to the gold standard to the world we live in today.

After a year of being locked within the borders of the continental United States, I finally had an excuse to hop on a plane headed to Paris in the middle of a pandemic — to deliver a talk about Ethereum at Europe’s largest Ethereum event, ETHcc.

Despite challenges from Covid-19 regulations and the Delta variant, the event organizers managed to gather over 1,000 attendees and 50-plus speakers. Topics ranged from governance to gaming.

Now, this event did not take place in a usual windowless conference center. Instead, the backdrop was the historic art deco Maison de la Mutualité in the heart of the 5th arr and just a walking distance across the Seine from Notre Dame. (I know. I know.)

The main goal of ETHcc is to share and transmit knowledge in order to better the ecosystem, enhance blockchain technology and expand and educate the Ethereum community.

To my demise, this includes congregating outdoors, in real life, and not just on Twitter.

Vastly different from the Bitcoin 2021 event in Miami where bikinis on the show floor were the norm, ETHcc focused less on bikinis, booths, exhibitions and main stage speakers, and more on small group presentations and community development.

Hello Paris!

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  • Allison Reichel is a Washington, D.C. based Economic Strategist, focusing on macroeconomic trends and the shifting crypto environment. In addition to her work at Blockworks, she is a PhD student in Economics, and also holds an M.A. and B.S. in Economics from George Mason University.