Chjango is a longstanding cryptocurrency evangelist, community builder, and technologist with specialization in Layer 1 consensus protocols and cryptoeconomics. She works on seed stage projects, growing those ecosystems from 0 to $1B market cap, having been one of the founding team members of Cosmos Network. She now advises cornerstone Cosmos ecosystem projects like Osmosis. She was formerly Ecosystem Development VP at Tendermint Inc, the team behind Cosmos.

She is an early trend spotter, identifying blue chip fungible digital currencies by their technical merits as early as 2014. She started the dWeb (decentralized web) Foundation in 2020, a not-for-profit aimed at driving Handshake adoption.

Chjango is host of Interchain.FM, a technical podcast that covers bleeding-edge cryptocurrency projects solving major problems in the blockchain sector. She runs a PoS validator called Interchain.FM  for Osmosis, Umee, and Comdex. Her podcast is hosted on YouTube, which has featured guests like Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, and Wallstreetbets founder Jaime Rogozinski.

Chjango holds a Bachelor of Science in Econometrics at the University of California, San Diego.