Daniel Oliver Jr. is the founder and managing member of Myrmikan Capital, an investment firm specializing in micro-capitalized gold and silver mining companies. His commentary on interest rates, the Federal Reserve, and gold are widely followed, and his articles have appeared in various outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, National ReviewThe Epoch Times, and the Washington Times. He appears regularly on financial media outlets and lectures at monetary and investment conferences.

Oliver is also President of the Committee for Monetary Research & Education, a non-profit educational organization founded in 1970 that promotes greater public understanding of the nature of monetary institutions and of the central role that a healthy monetary system plays in the well-being, indeed, in the very survival of a free society.

He graduated from Columbia Law School with honors, where he was President of the Federalist Society. After practicing corporate law at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett and co-founding two venture companies, he attended INSEAD and obtained an MBA.
Oliver also serves as a director of the Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd and The American Swiss Foundation. He is finishing a book on the nature and history of credit bubbles, which stretch back to ancient Greece and beyond.