Demetrios “Demo” Skalkotos is a New Jersey based senior executive specializing in enterprise technology solutions, operations leadership, and new product development. He is currently the SVP Global Head of Sales at Blockdaemon, an Institutional Grade Blockchain Infrastructure. As SVP Global Head of Sales, Demo leads business development and the ongoing roll out of Blockdaemon’s expansion from the US, to Europe, and APAC.

Demo previously served in a similar role at Vault for Ledger SAS as well as the VP, Global Head of Desktop Solution & Content Acquisition for the International Exchange (ICE). Prior to those roles, Demo worked as the Senior VP of Global Corporate Solutions for NASDAQ and other various roles.

Mr. Skalkotos holds a B.S. in Marketing and Information Systems and an M.S. in Information and Communication Services from Ball State University. Outside of his professional life, Demo focused on charitable and philanthropic activities and spending time with his family in New Jersey.