Evin McMullen is CEO and Co-founder of Disco, your identity for the Metaverse. Disco enables your personal data backpack, making data and reputation portable across web2 and the web3 blockchain ecosystem. 

Her previous work includes connected hardware and experience design disruptions for autonomous automotive, luxury, beauty, healthcare & connected home. Evin also led the world’s first initiatives with NFTs at a major music festival, verifiable NFT authorship, and livestream media NFT issuance. 

Evin has served as Head of the Story Department at a global film production studio, and a Director with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio. She is a founding member of DAO Jones and inkDAO, a member of CompTIA’s Blockchain Council and an advisor to Web3 projects including Herd Social, Engage Raise and DoomsdayX. She is a graduate of Yale University.