Genevieve Bos is a successful technology and media entrepreneur who launched and sold multiple privately held companies. Her newest venture, called Poplar, is a high-yield sweeper account designed exclusively for businesses. It’s a SaaS platform called YaaS(Yield as a Service) and it delivers 3-20% APY automatically on idle cash and working capital. Poplar uses bank-grade security to tap hard-to-access, high-yield DeFi smart contracts so business customers enjoy higher yields, full liquidity with built-in business rules and full trackability  — all while having no exposure to the volatility of crypto.  As a tech executive, board member, and professional speaker, Genevieve is a global connector of people and ideas and a strategic business developer. She is also known for launching then selling the publishing lifestyle brand PINK with over 1 million readers – created exclusively for professional women – described as “Fortune Meets Oprah.” She is a sought after speaker for companies like Cisco, The Coca-Cola Company, Dell, GE, The Home Depot, P&G and has been featured in Forbes, and on CNBC, NBC and CNN. Genevieve is an investor, board and advisory member for some ground-breaking tech companies like Software Automation (sewing machine robots), (helping the world’s most elite performers unlock their brain’s exponential capacity using proprietary neuroscience technology in the financial trading and sports industries), Steady (customized on demand job opportunities for the gig economy) and Advanced Data Cooling Technologies (making the carbon capture of Bitcoin mining profitable). Her mission every day is to help people harness their own positive human energy to elevate themselves and humanity.