An investor, strategist, consultant and relentless entrepreneur with unprecedented vision and a penchant for building disruptive blockchain businesses since 2017, Haydn Snape is the founder and CEO behind Dubai-based global conglomerate Decentralised Investment Group (DIG). With offices in eight countries across the world and counting, DIG is in the business of building, developing and investing in pioneering blockchain products that foster the values of decentralisation, financial independence and individual liberty.

Snape is also a seed investor in various NFT games and has served as a consultant in multiple companies and organisations worldwide, including HSBC and Thomson Reuters. Haydn has been building disruptive blockchain businesses since 2017.

Snape’s impressive track record of launching and investing in successful businesses across a multitude of industries shows no signs of abetting. He is an adamant believer in bringing financial freedom to the masses through making blockchain a part of everyday life for everyone.