Ismail Zaidy – L4artiste – 24years old born and raised in Marrakesh, Morocco. I received my baccalaureate in 2015 and went on to graduate with a BA in International Management in 2018 from Cadi Ayad in Marrakesh. Started taking pictures during summer of 2017, to express my inner perspective, around a hub of other unique creatives. My style is abstract and minimalist, photographs have been taken with a Samsung S5  My father is from Marrakesh, my mother from a small town called Oud Zem. My siblings feature in much of my work. Family is intrinsic to my creativity.

Photography is a family affair to me, and in 2018 I started a project named ‘3aila’, family in English, with my younger brother othmane He’s quite a creative person as well, together with my sister fatimazahra They both play a huge part in developing the ideas behind the pictures and we also support each other in developing different concepts for new stories. I mainly use photography to express my inner point of view on some of the topics that I can’t express through words. Most of the time I am a person who doesn’t like to talk too much so the best medium that I have explored and found to express myself is through photography and imagery. When I was a kid, I used to live in a modest area in Marrakech where I was watching the way the women would wear their fabrics, hike and djelaba out on the streets. These women are still a huge inspiration for me today, and when I initiate a project I always try to show this side of my culture through my work. Starting in 2017, I was mainly capturing my surrounding environments in Morocco. Slowly I was getting comfortable as an artist and growing as a creative family, which I think led me to the minimal, abstract and poetic style of the pictures I capture today.

My creative process starts from finding ideas, getting props from the flea market and then composing the stage for the photo shoot and directing my accomplices to shoot the final visual. Nonetheless, the process also depends on my siblings, finding time between their school schedules. All my pictures are taken on my phone, the accessibility of this tool is a great opportunity for many young photographers like me. Through its basic settings and low cost and the challenges and opportunities that come with it, I started to experiment with minimalist and abstract photography.