Julie Pacino’s photography genesis collection, I Live Here Now, is the first NFT native IP to inspire a feature film. She was chosen as an artist TIME magazine’s “Build a Better Future: Genesis” NFT collection. Julie was also selected as an NFT artist for the Playboy x Sevens “The Art of Gender and Sexuality,” featured at their Art Basel event.

In 2022, Julie’s most recent NFT project, Keepers of the Inn, became the first NFT collection to ever finance a feature film and is the largest single-artist collection of NFT photography ever sold. Julie is advocating for the involvement of female filmmakers in this exciting and emerging space. With women only accounting for 5% of total sales generated in NFTs, she has launched a grant for female filmmakers to help on-board more women into the space.

Julie is committed to bringing more visibility to women and the LGBTQIA+ community in crypto and NFTs. She has started an NFT fund called Cult of Pink, that will exclusively purchase female and LGTBQIA+ art, specifically from creators who have yet to sell any artwork.