Jumana Al Darwish is an award-winning social entrepreneur and philanthropist.

She is the co-founder of international franchise The Happy Box and founder of global brands The Happy Studio and Happy Hearts Global. Her social enterprises aim to instill a love of art and creativity among children, promote family bonding and further community participation through curated educational arts and crafts boxes, workshops and interactive installations.

She believes greatly in the philosophy that “hearts that give are the happiest”, leading her to establish Happy Hearts Global, a private family foundation currently being registered under the UK Charity Commission, which aims to provide children and particularly girls with access to primary education as well as therapeutic and rehabilitation art programmes across the world. Jumana also serves as a board member of UNHCR’s Solidarity Circle, which aims to further the mandate of UNHCR’s programmes in support of displaced persons worldwide.

In 2020, she co-founded Made For You Global, an exclusive platform designed to connect and empower female leaders to progress towards their potential – currently incubated under Sheraa, an entrepreneurship centre in Sharjah, UAE that fosters innovation and growth opportunities for a thriving community of entrepreneurs through a series of programmes, initiatives and collaborations.

Earlier this year, Jumana combined her love of art with her need to bring people together through building solid communities, and created the 44 Club, an NFT collection of 8,888 avatars that is much more than just a form of digital art.

Currently, Jumana is the Vice President of Corporate Communications at the Decentralised Investment Group (DIG) of Dubai, a multinational blockchain technology conglomerate committed to making impactful investments within blockchain. DIG is also a seed investor in Jumana’s brainchild, the 44 Club.

As a visionary strategist, she has over 16 years of experience working for both the non-profit and public sectors, and launching entrepreneurial ventures. Jumana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community & Ethnic Studies from Concordia University in Canada, a Masters of Science in Evidence-Based Social Intervention from Oxford University in the United Kingdom and a Strategy Execution Programme Certificate from INSEAD in France.