Artist bio: My journey with the creative arts began 5 years ago, I studied fashion, creative media production and photography academically; and recently graduated with a degree in fashion photography. Whilst I was studying, I branched out into digital art and design and began freelancing through various social media platforms for musicians internationally, which led me to a community of other artists and clients online who I naturally built strong relationships with.

In September of 2020 I was introduced to crypto art by a friend within the crypto community and I began selling my work as collectibles through SuperRare. I have recently dropped a collection on Opensea which was promoted on the homepage and sold out in under 4 minutes – through finding success in the crypto art world, I was motivated to finally focus solely on my creative practices and the community.

Besides my personal art career, I have also been working as an NFT Art Manager for Reality Gaming Group (a blockchain based games development company) for the past 9 months where I’ve created drop strategies and guided brands like ITV into the world of NFTs and crypto art. My artworks are a glimmer into my life experiences and the deep emotions I’ve associated with those moments. I toe the line between illustrative realism and abstract surrealism in order to allow the viewer to see both sides of the coin, artworks that one can relate to literally and metaphorically.

My art embodies euphoric surrealism through the use of perspective – I form a relationship between my environments, my subjects and dream-like concepts. My inspirations derive from my perception of people, mental endurances and the experiences that shaped me; I take from these moments and reinvent them into a prettier version of their realities.

My fantasies of a utopian world drives my artistic concepts. As a result of sticky feet, I try to consistently branch out by exploring different genres of art styles – I try my best to prevent falling into a state of self restriction, my art is boundless. Through the use of evocative ideas and emotional attachments, I create as a release from the norms of day to day life; and shares my art with the world in order to form a personal connection/reaction with my viewers.