Mohamed Elkasstawi is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Tribal Credit, crypto-powered payments and financing platform for startups and growing enterprises in emerging markets. Kasstawi leads Tribal’s efforts to create an innovative product offering at the nexus of TradFi and DeFi, leveraging the “DeFi mullet” ethos to accelerate growth for its startup clients. In recent months, Kasstawi spearheaded the launch of Tribal’s crypto-powered B2B cross-border payment service, as well as the company’s $40 million hybrid fiat-USDC debt round and its $41M token sale. 

Kasstawi is a seasoned expert in leveraging blockchain to serve real-world use cases. In addition to his work at Tribal, Kasstawi is also the founding partner of zk Capital, a research-focused blockchain firm, and was featured by Scene Arabia magazine as a leading Middle Eastern blockchain entrepreneur. Kasstawi is a firm believer in the power of crypto to transform people’s financial lives, especially in emerging markets.