Pat McNab is a Co-Founder at Tracer DAO.

Mycelium is building Tracer DAO, decentralised financial derivative infrastructure that will provide more transparent and effective ways for individuals and firms alike to manage risk. Tracer DAO is a free market vehicle for both digital and real world derivative markets to be unlocked through a low transaction cost framework.

Mycelium shares a powerful history with the Chainlink network, securing infrastructure as a node operator and being a reliable data custodian in the DeFi space since 2019. This relationship continues not only through Tracer DAO, but also through the Reputation DAO service, designed and built by Mycelium.

Along with Co-Founders, Ash Morgan & Ray Mogg, Pat committed to blockchain technology, in 2017. With a simple mission: build a company that strives to promote technological change and create fairer systems. So, it continues, as one of the fastest growing blockchain companies out of Australia.