Tatiana Metodieva, CFA leads Nexo’s global corporate finance and M&A processes. She plays an
integral role in developing strategic relationships and identifying key market opportunities for Nexo.
Tatiana boasts more than 12 years of leadership and hands-on experience with a dedicated focus on the
commercial banking and fintech sectors. Prior to joining Nexo, she worked in leading banking institutions,
as well as the Big Four of consultancy and accounting, where she gained versatile analytical and advisory

Tatiana’s strong business acumen and proven track record in advising on and executing M&A
transactions are key to accelerating Nexo’s market outreach and increased capacity to grow. In addition
to having a strong background in traditional finance, she is a firm believer that Nexo will help bring the
needed level of credibility, compliance, and institutionalization to the digital assets space and establish
cryptocurrencies as a mainstream asset class that large institutions can easily invest in.