Worth W. Wray is a partner and macro analyst at Corriente Advisors, LLC, where he conducts global macro and geopolitical research as a member of the investment team.  Worth studies current affairs, financial markets, business cycles, and macro themes of interest using the lenses of economics, history, long-term cycles and trends, policy, politics/political systems, geopolitics and full spectrum rivalry, science, technology and technological phase shifts, psychology, culture, sociology, demographics, and influential visions of the future.  Previously, Mr. Wray served as Chief Economist for STA Wealth Management in Houston, Texas (2016), Chief Economist for Evergreen GaveKal in Bellevue, Washington (2015-2016), Chief Strategist to John Mauldin in Dallas, Texas (2013-2015), and Portfolio Strategist for Salient Partners in Houston, Texas (2009-2013).  Worth hails from Baton Rouge Louisiana and is a graduate of Louisiana State University.