NFT Buying Frenzies Disrupt Solana and Ethereum Blockchains
By / May 2, 2022, 1:06 pm EDT

The two networks take very different approaches to transaction fees

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Podcast: Optimism’s Airdrop Is the Future of Governance | Weekly Roundup
By / April 29, 2022, 9:49 am EDT

Empire’s weekly roundup on Optimism’s airdrop, algo stablecoins, the BAYC hack and more

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Nexo To Allow Investors To Earn Yields on Bored Ape-inspired Token
By / March 29, 2022, 9:30 am EDT

Nexo customers can earn up to a 12% annual percentage rate for holding ApeCoin (APE) with the crypto platform

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Bored Ape Yacht Club Creator Snags $450M in Funding for $4B Valuation
By / March 22, 2022, 4:55 pm EDT

Yuga Labs, the creator behind blue-chip NFT collection BAYC, notched a $4 billion post-money valuation on its latest raise

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Universal Music’s Web3 Label Acquires Bored Ape NFT for $360,000
By / March 18, 2022, 3:10 pm EDT

The purchased ape — named “Manager Noët All” — will lead the company’s virtual NFT band Kingship

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ApeCoin in for Volatile Ride as Exchanges List Bored Ape Yacht Club-linked Crypto
By / March 17, 2022, 5:49 pm EDT

The token plunged from $39.4 to $6.31 Thursday morning, according to Coinbase

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BAYC Flips CryptoPunks as OpenSea Volume Recovers: Markets Wrap
By / December 22, 2021, 5:04 pm EST

Bored Ape Yacht Club becomes the most expensive NFT community to join after flipping CryptoPunks in floor price

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AVAX Rallies Amidst Broader Market Sell-off: Markets Wrap
By / November 17, 2021, 5:08 pm EST

AVAX rallies despite the broader digital asset market sell-off, Bored Ape #8650 sold for $1.9 million last night.

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BTC, ETH, SOL and LUNA Take Hits in Digital Asset Sell-off: Markets Wrap
By / November 16, 2021, 5:44 pm EST

Digital assets stumble while traditional financial markets close strong, highlights of BTC, ETH, SOL, and LUNA price action.

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