Stocks Rise After GDP Data; Cryptos Stay Steady: Markets Wrap
By / July 29, 2021

Despite disappointing data and looming Covid restrictions, all Wall Street gauges closed ahead.

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Bitcoin Continues Gains, US Stocks Steady: Markets Wrap
By / July 28, 2021

Stocks were mixed and cryptos advance as the FOMC meeting wrapped up and companies continued to report strong earnings.

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Bitcoin Dips; Tech Stocks Tumble Before Earnings: Markets Wrap
By / July 27, 2021

As investors eye prospects of growth from tech companies’ earnings and Covid-19 cases surge, major indices close in the red.

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Stocks Extend Gains Ahead of Fed, Earnings; Bitcoin Rallies: Markets Wrap
By / July 26, 2021

US stocks inched higher Monday, led by big tech, extending gains from last week’s highs as investors await the biggest week of earnings season.

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Equities Climb, Cryptos Flatten Amid Blowout Corporate Earnings: Markets Wrap
By / July 23, 2021

Twitter, which reported higher-than-expected earnings, benchmarked their biggest revenue growth in over five years.

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Cryptos, US Stocks and Commodities Make Broad Gains: Markets Wrap
By / July 22, 2021

Equities advance amid wide-spread internet outages, rising initial jobless claims data and higher-than-normal existing home sales.

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Bitcoin Surges After Shallow Dip Below $30K: Markets Wrap
By / July 21, 2021

Signals of further institutional adoption could have triggered crypto’s early morning rally, when bitcoin jumped over 10%.

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Bitcoin Dips Below $30,000 While US Stocks Rally: Markets Wrap
By / July 20, 2021

Stocks rebounded after Monday’s steep sell-off. Bitcoin falls after another crypto regulatory clampdown.

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Cryptos and Equities Tumble Amid Covid Resurgence: Markets Wrap
By / July 19, 2021

However, stocks less impacted by lockdown restrictions made decent gains, Etsy, the online craft marketplace, jumped 7% intraday.

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Oil Slumps With Stocks While Cryptos Stay Flat: Markets Wrap
By / July 16, 2021

Despite a decent start in earnings season, the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke a multi-week string of gains, shedding 0.5%.

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