The worlds of cryptocurrency and economics need each other. But they don’t often converge in media and research — and bringing the two sides together can be a bit of a challenge. 

As someone with an academic background in economics who also has vested interests in the cryptocurrency space, I know this challenge quite well.

Throughout my time in academia, I’ve noticed that much of economic theory is missing elements of real application, and is disjointed from the rapidly changing world of digital assets.

Likewise, throughout my time in the cryptocurrency space, I’ve noticed that there are ways in which economic theory could enhance the narratives and environments used to expand networks and encourage adoption, but is often overlooked due to simple misunderstandings.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the extension of my newsletter with the launch of my new Blockworks-hosted podcast — Inflated Expectations.

Bringing economic insights to the forefront of crypto and finance, Inflated Expectations explores the macroeconomic drivers of growth and the potential for the crypto-revolutionization of monetary regimes. 

Inflated Expectations will host the most influential, innovative and intelligent minds in economics and cryptocurrency, and bridge the gap between economic theory and modern money trends for the everyday investor and economics enthusiast.

From game theory applications to exploring the foundations of monetary institutions and the role of law and economics, my goal is to help you develop the tools you need to better understand the changing dynamics of the economy and the role that cryptocurrency could potentially play in a rapidly changing financial system.

Inflated Expectations launches today, Tuesday, June 29th, 2021.

New episodes will be air every Tuesday morning. Early guests include Lily Francus, Neeraj Agrawal and Dan Held.

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  • Allison Reichel is a Washington, D.C. based Economic Strategist, focusing on macroeconomic trends and the shifting crypto environment. In addition to her work at Blockworks, she is a PhD student in Economics, and also holds an M.A. and B.S. in Economics from George Mason University.