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Geth may curtail support if EOF goes AWOL
Plus, other stories you may have missed from Solanaland this week
Mt. Gox creditors are finally getting their bitcoin back — even if it’s only one click away from being sold

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Plus, is Polymarket this cycle’s breakthrough mainstream app?
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ZKPs enable efficient offchain transaction processing and validation, resulting in increased throughput and reduced fees. Solana's ZK Compression leverages ZKPs to minimize onchain storage costs, while Sui's zkLogin streamlines user onboarding by replacing complex key management with familiar OAuth credentials.


StarkWare takes a step towards making StarkNet for Bitcoin


The numbers point to one conclusion: Risk is back, or at least it was during the first half of the year


Plus, Solana’s latest advertising attempt


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Pack your bags, anon — we’re heading west! Join us in the beautiful Salt Lake City for the third installment of Permissionless. Come for the alpha, stay for the fresh air. Permissionless III promises unforgettable panels, killer networking opportunities, and mountains […]


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Blockworks and Bankless in collaboration with buidlbox are excited to announce the second installment of the Permissionless Hackathon – taking place October 7-8 in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ve partnered with buidlbox to bring together the brightest minds in crypto for […]
High-throughput blockchain technology has unlocked one of crypto’s most promising use cases: bringing the world’s 3.3 billion gamers onchain. The onchain gaming industry not only has the potential to bring this massive amount of users onchain, but also develop highly profitable […]

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Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Real-World Use Cases and Impact

Blockworks Research

ZKPs enable efficient offchain transaction processing and validation, resulting in increased throughput and reduced fees. Solana's ZK Compression leverages ZKPs to minimize onchain storage costs, while Sui's zkLogin streamlines user onboarding by replacing complex key management with familiar OAuth credentials.
by Marc-Thomas Arjoon, CFA /
Parcl: A New Frontier for Real Estate Markets

Blockworks Research

By offering highly granular real estate price feeds and creating new markets, Parcl aims to attract a diverse range of participants and provide new investment and hedging opportunities in the real estate sector, potentially expanding overall RE market activity.
by Danny K /
Aerodrome: The Liquidity Hub of Base

Blockworks Research

Aerodrome is a "MetaDEX" that combines elements of various DEX primitives such as Uniswap V2 and V3, Curve, Convex, and Votium. Since its launch on Base, it has become the largest protocol by TVL with more than $495M in value locked, doubling Uniswap's Base deployment.
by Daniel Shapiro /
Polygon Protocol Governance Call (PPGC) #22

Blockworks Research

The Polygon Protocol Governance Call #22 addressed a few critical network upgrades and changes, of which some have been discussed extensively in prior meetings. For the Bor client v1.3.4, the minimum gas price is being reduced from 30 to 25 gwei to prevent filtering out legitimate transactions, with plans to eventually remove the floor entirely. Heimdall v2 upgrades involve replacing the outdated Tendermint with CometBFT and upgrading the Cosmos SDK from v0.37 to v0.50, bringing new features and improved architecture. This non-backward-compatible upgrade will require a new Heimdall chain and an estimated 6 hours of network downtime. Polygon 2.0 changes include transitioning from MATIC to POL as the native token and for staking, affecting both the PoS chain and Ethereum bridge operations. The stake migration and token upgrade are expected to convert about 65% of the MATIC supply to POL. Protocol Council changes involve updating the emission manager to reduce validator rewards emission from 1.52% to 1.5% and changing the treasury address to a community treasury board multi-sig. Implementation timelines are not set in stone, with most major changes targeted for August, including testnet deployment after ETH CC in late July and mainnet implementation around August 15th.