The company behind the Terra stablecoin is hoping DAOs will build on the Terra blockchain — which lost billions in a few days earlier this year

Blockworks sat down with Paul Brody, EY’s blockchain head, to discuss the shifting regulatory and corresponding tax landscape
When every NFT marketplace has its own royalty solution, you know we’re still early
If MicroStrategy and Coinbase survive until their bonds mature and pay the debt in full, investors will pocket a gain
Aave, which has been closely followed by TradFi players since striking partnerships with Wall Street firms earlier this year, has a parameter problem

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The Health of MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Bet


MicroStrategy took on $2.37B of debt from 2020-2022 to acquire nearly 130k BTC. Is the company's massive treasury in jeopardy?



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2022 has been a year of trials and tribulations for the crypto industry. Direct custody and evaluating counterparty risk have never been more important. This webinar will feature Michael Shaulov, CEO of Fireblocks, to discuss where we are as an industry […]


Wrapped ether is not like wrapped bitcoin, there are no “concerns” over Ethereum’s “solvency,” and staked ether withdrawals remain a high priority


BlockFi has roughly 100,000 creditors with $1 billion to $10 billion in liabilities and assets


DeFi developer Andre Cronje has detailed the ups and downs of Fantom development, claiming the team now has 30 years worth of runway


DAOs have the potential to shape more than just organizational structures


The crypto ecosystem has only gotten more chaotic in the 18 months since Gary Gensler assumed control of the SEC


NFTs have morphed from crypto-obscurity to mainstream talking point over the past two years, and it could be just the beginning


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The Health of MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Bet

Blockworks Research

MicroStrategy took on $2.37B of debt from 2020-2022 to acquire nearly 130k BTC. Is the company's massive treasury in jeopardy?
by Sam Martin /
On-Chain Options: Dopex

Blockworks Research

The Decentralized OPtions EXchange Dopex on Arbitrum functions just like other options vault protocols by programmatically selling covered calls and cash secured puts but with algorithmic pricing and more complex strategies.
by Matthew Fiebach /
Scroll: EVM-Equivalent zkEVM

Blockworks Research

Scroll’s value proposition versus other zkEVM projects is its ability to be EVM-equivalent and easily manage Ethereum protocol upgrades and applications porting from the Ethereum L1, and its open-source building for best security and verification.
by Westie /
Nitro: Solana’s VM Enters The Cosmos

Blockworks Research

Nitro is an L2 being built on top of Sei: a high-performance Cosmos app-chain. Nitro aims to connect Solana's Virtual Machine with all IBC-connected chains.
by Sam Martin /