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Genesis Meltdown Exposes DCG | Nic Carter

In this episode of Empire's Weekly Roundup, we bring on Nic Carter to discuss if Genesis and DCG can fix their liquidity issues and avoid bankruptcy. We explore how Genesis overextended its..

Impact Of The FTX Fallout | Arthur_0x

In this episode of Empire, Arthur_0x, the founder of Defiance Capital, joins us to discuss the fallout from FTX's collapse. Arthur is a DeFi OG with a unique perspective on market dynamics..

Genesis on the Brink of Collapse | foobar

Genesis, crypto's largest lender, just froze withdrawals and new loan orginations. Would a Genesis collapse have wider impacts than FTX's demise?Genesis sits at the direct center of crypto capital markets. They custody..

Why Binance Might Acquire FTX | Breaking News

Binance is considering acquiring FTX. I never thought I'd type those words. What just happened? How did FTX go from a market-leading exchange to near insolvency? Is there contagion risk, and how..