Hosted by Jason Yanowitz and Santiago Roel Santos, Empire is your look behind the curtain of the crypto industry.


Chief’s ETH & AI Bull Bet | 1000x

In this episode, we dive deep into the current state of the crypto market with ChiefingZa, often the #1 rated trader on Bybit. The conversation covers the recent market volatility, the potential..

Surviving Crypto's Summer Chop | 1000x

In this episode, Avi and Jonah dissect the summer's choppy market. They reveal strategies for surviving range-bound trading, discuss the impact of upcoming ETFs, and debate the future of altcoins. The duo..

Managing Emotions in Crypto Cycles

In this episode, Jason and Santi discuss surviving crypto market cycles. They discuss current market conditions, the psychology behind decision-making during downturns, and strategies for portfolio management. The conversation covers Coinbase's evolving..