Hosted by Sam Martin and Dan Smith, 0xResearch is for savvy degens who want to think like a crypto analyst.


The Single Shard Thesis | Logan Jastremski

Logan Jastremski joins us to discuss how parallelizable, high-throughput blockchains are the solution for scalable crypto products. We start with Logan's high-throughput thesis, why isolated fee markets and parallel computation are crucial..

The Solana Bet | Anatoly Yakovenko

Anatoly Yakovenko joins us to discuss why Solana is building the most optimized, minimally-extractive L1. We start with Anatoly's updated view of Solana's value proposition, mobile focus and the significance of xNFTs...

Sei: The L1 Built For Trading | Jay Jog

Join us on 0xResearch as we interview Jayendra Jog (co-founder of Sei) to discuss Sei, a highly optimized sector-specific L1 with a built-in order-matching primitive. Put simply, Sei is building the premier..

Unmasking Crypto's Anonymous Actors | Arkham

Join us on 0xResearch as we interview Miguel Morel, Arkham's CEO. Unlike the traditional financial system, crypto is transparent and auditable. But, we need infrastructure that links wallets to specific identities (e.g...