SEC Approves ETH Spot ETF

At least, the first stage of the approval has happened. NLW explores the political pressure that caused this to come about. Today's Show Brought To You ByLedger - 5% to Bitcoin Developers..

The First MEV-Related Arrest

The US Department of Justice is getting significantly more sophisticated in its crypto criminal prosecution, as witness by the recent arrest in an MEV-related case. Today's Show Brought To You ByLedger -..

Tornado Cash Developer Convicted

Alexey Pertsev has been convicted of money laundering charges in the Netherlands, with the judge explicitly saying that his writing code for Tornado Cash made him culpable. NLW discusses the community's reactions...

The Return of Roaring Kitty

Roaring Kitty aka Deep F***ing Value aka Keith Gill has reemerged and with him has come memestock mania. NLW digs in, plus looks at DC's increasing pushback against the Anti-Crypto Army. Today's..

The Rise of the Crypto Single-Issue Voter

Last week former President Trump came out as the pro-crypto candidate. The move has not only put crypto on the national political stage, but generated significant conversation about the rationale of being..