Bell Curve

Hosted by Jason Yanowitz and Mike Ippolito, Bell Curve is for degens stuck in the middle of the bell curve.


The Rise of AppChains | Season 3 Pilot

Season 3 | PilotLayer One protocols have dominated the value capture narrative since Ethereum's inception, but a new narrative is forming: the AppChain Thesis. This thesis predicts crypto's top applications will not..

Winklevoss Twins "Zucked" by Genesis | Roundup

This episode of Bell Curve explores the standoff between the Winklevoss twins (Gemini) and Barry Silber (Genesis/DCG). Is there a resolution or will both companies watch their equity slide to zero? We..

S2 Finale: The Next Evolution for DAOs

Season 2 | FinaleIn this episode of Bell Curve, we recap the best of Bell Curve Season 2. In Season 2 we explored the evolution of DAOs, asking what's worked, what needs..

The Crypto Trader's Mindset | 1000x

Blockworks just released a new podcast called 1000x! We're dropping the first episode here as we think you might want to add this podcast to the lineup. 1000x is a crypto markets..