Bell Curve

Hosted by Jason Yanowitz and Mike Ippolito, Bell Curve is for degens stuck in the middle of the bell curve.


A Bank Run Saga: Silvergate and SVB | Roundup

Silvergate, crypto's primary bank, is closing shop. Silicon Valley Bank, tech's primary bank, is in a downward spiral. Two bank runs caused by low-interest rates, duration mismatches and FUD. How did this..

Optimism’s Superchain vs Cosmos

Season 3 | Episode 6In this episode of Bell Curve, Myles and Mike dive deep into today’s most innovative blockspace scaling techniques. They begin by discussing Optimism's recent "Superchain" rebrand and the..

Coinbase's End Game: Keep it BASEd | Roundup

This episode covers Coinbase's Base L2 announcement. We discuss why Base could be a game changer, how Coinbase will monetize Base, how Base impacts competing L2s and more! On-chain creativity for Coinbase..

 The Rollapp Stacks | Sovereign Labs, Slush

Season 3 | Episode 5In this episode of Bell Curve, Kalman Lajko and Preston Evans explain their thesis behind the optimal Rollapp stack. We start with the similarities and key differences between..

MEV: The Economic Driver of Blockchains

In this episode of Bell Curve, we are joined by Nitesh Nath, Xave Meegan and Maghnus Mareneck to discuss the economic driver of blockchains: MEV. Miner Extractable Value (MEV) is often called..