🟪 The future of finance? TradFi plus DeFi

Leaders on both sides of the divide will need to develop new skills to fully harness new tech innovations

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The future of finance? TradFi plus DeFi

Leaders on both sides of the divide will need to develop new skills to fully harness new tech innovations. Read More

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Namada, the shielded asset hub rewarding you to protect the multichain, is gearing up for its community-driven mainnet launch. Protect your personal data across existing assets, applications, and networks with shielded transfers and cross-chain actions, even on transparent public chains.

You can also collect shielding rewards by holding your assets in the shielded set and helping strengthen Namada’s data protection guarantees for all. Namada will initially support IBC-based assets, but will ultimately serve as a single shielded hub for any asset, including Ethereum-based tokens. Follow Namada’s decentralized launch and sign up for updates to hear when shielding goes live.

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The Fed Needs To Cut Rates Soon

This week, we discuss the latest in markets after the presidential debate between Biden & Trump. We deep dive into how markets would react to a Biden vs Trump win in November, the indicators suggesting the Fed will need to cut rates soon, crypto's setup into H2 2024 & Friday's PCE print.

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ZKPs enable efficient offchain transaction processing and validation, resulting in increased throughput and reduced fees. Solana's ZK Compression leverages ZKPs to minimize onchain storage costs, while Sui's zkLogin streamlines user onboarding by replacing complex key management with familiar OAuth credentials.