The Modular Integration Spectrum | Keone & Zon

In this episode, Keone from Monad and Zon from Initia to discuss the spectrum between modular and integrated blockchain designs. They explore the tradeoffs in decentralization, performance and scalability between the two..

The Most Bullish Bitcoin Bear Market Ever?

NLW covers the major stories in Bitcoin over the past couple weeks, including: Nomura Bitcoin Adoption Fund Block Saturation New Miner policy group Mt. Gox delay Coinbase to implement Lightning Swan launching Bitcoin custody Deutsche custody..

Ordinals Are Dead; Long Live Ordinals!

On this edition of Bitcoin Builders Weekly Recap, NLW looks at the debate around Ordinals. Are they dead, or have rumors of their demise been greatly exaggerated? Also an update on a..

Bitcoin Is The Money For Independent Thinkers

A reading of three pieces: Bitcoiners Must Appeal to America's Increasingly Independent Voters - Robert Hall Bitcoin Venture Capital is Anything But Boring - Christopher Calicott Bitcoin and AI - Swan Signal Thanks to our sponsor:..