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Markets Give Up On The China Reopening

May was the worst month for markets that have bet on the China reopen theme - and this final week was particularly bad.Weston Nakamura walks through various markets - from equities, to..

Nvidia Reignites A Global Rally In A.I. Stocks

Despite Fitch putting the US's credit rating on negative watch, global markets are largely brushing off debt-ceiling risk. Weston Nakamura comments on the knee-jerk market reaction to the Fitch headline of strength..

Is Japan About To Crash, Or Explode Higher?

While China’s PBOC leaves their Loan Prime Rates unchanged as expected, the central bank issues an official statement on Friday warning of FX market intervention, should the yuan’s precipitous decline continue. Nonetheless,..

Chinese Yuan Plummets, What Next?

The Chinese yuan, which had been in recent accelerated decline, hitting new year-to-date lows, has now crossed through a very key level into the 7-handle for onshore USDCNY. Furthermore, the currency's sharp..

Navigating A Wild Week Of Market Drivers

In this week-in-review, Weston Nakamura follows up with market themes from earlier in the week. Starting with the frenzy and crash in Chinese bank stocks against a resilient Japanese equity market, Weston..