Blockchain's Race to $0 Fees | Kyle Samani

In this episode, Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital discusses his integrated blockchain thesis, challenging popular narratives around modular blockchain design. He delves into the nature of blockchains as financial systems, the importance of MEV in value capture, and the potential for near-zero transaction costs. Samani also explores the trade-offs between integrated and modular approaches, the future of AppChains, and the questionable role of blockchain beyond finance. Enjoy!

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Although our guest this week is a Managing Partner of a registered investment adviser, nothing in this podcast should be considered an offer of Multicoin’s investment advisory services or should otherwise be confused for investment, tax, legal or other financial advice.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:48) The Integrated Thesis

(10:26) Permissionless III Ad

(17:53) Purpose of Blockchains

(19:12) ZK Based AI

(25:18) Limits of Solana

(36:42) Trade Offs of Modular Stack

(43:05) Monetization in Modular System

(56:07) App Chain Thesis

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