Is the EVM Holding Crypto Back? | Dino, Rushi & Jarry

This episode dives deep into the world of alternative blockchain virtual machines (VMs), exploring how new designs are addressing limitations of the EVM. Dino, Rushi and Jarry discuss the technical distinctions between VMs and execution environments, the challenges of fragmentation and interoperability, and strategies for building developer and user communities. Stay tuned for all of this and much more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:09) What are Blockchain VMs?

(07:16) Next Gen VM Solutions

(15:04) Blended Execution Vision

(16:25) Permissionless III Ad

(25:57) Why an L2?

(30:46) Culture & Ecosystem Objectives

(32:19) Fragmentation of Liquidity

(43:27) Cultural Network Effects

(52:57) VM End Game

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Expansion was kickstarted by a grant from the Celestia Foundation.

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