What It Will Take to Bring the World Onchain | Jesse Pollak

In this episode, Jesse Pollak, head of Base at Coinbase, discusses how Base is building a global onchain economy to usher in the next era of the internet. He explains how the modular blockchain architecture of L2s and L3s on Base enables faster, cheaper, and better applications than anything online today. Jesse shares real-world examples of how businesses like restaurants are using Base to dramatically reduce costs, and how social media apps like Farcaster are leveraging open protocols to drive innovation. To close our he touches on the importance of the Stand With Crypto movement in advocating for clarity and common-sense crypto regulation. Enjoy!

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:06) What is Retail in Crypto?

(04:04) Onchain is the New Online

(10:45) Base GTM Strategy

(16:59) Permissionless III Ad

(18:40) Base User Adoption

(28:26) Marketing to Businesses

(33:50) L3 Strategy

(42:44) Social Media Onchain Success

(49:29) Stand With Crypto

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