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Oil Will Dethrone The Fed (Here’s Why) | Harris Kupperman & Porter Collins

Today Jack welcomes two investors who have navigated the turbulent markets over the past two years very well: Porter Collins of Seawolf Capital and Harris "Kuppy" Kupperman of Praetorian Capital and Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor (KEDM). Kuppy explains why the Fed’s job is tough and will only get tougher if the price of oil surges once again. Porter and Kuppy tell Jack why they are very bullish on oil, coal, and uranium as an energy crisis threatens to tip the world into recession, and they discuss some individual companies that each of them thinks can benefit from this strange macro environment.

Link to 4-week free trial for Kuppy’s Event Driven Monitor (KEDM): https://link.kedm.com/forward. Use special coupon code kedm1ref to get $1,000 off your first year’s subscription. NOTE: to get $1,000 off, you must use the link AND the coupon code.


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(00:00) "KEDM promotion"

(00:51) Intro

(01:07) Overall Macro Thesis

(11:22) Is The Fed Still Behind The Curve?

(16:06) The Bull Case For Oil

(22:57) The Sovereign Bond Bubble Is Bursting

(30:28) "The Dollar's Strength Will Be Proven Wrong"

(35:06) Shorting Stocks In This Macro Environment

(40:16) Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas, and Oil

(55:51) Outlooks on Risk Assets and Earnings Season

(1:02:41) A Market Crash

(1:04:37) Special Info About Kuppy's Event Driven Monitor (KEDM)

(1:11:19) "KEDM promotion"

(1:12:16) Outro


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