ep. 93


Why Are Commodities Crashing? | Tracy Shuchart

Tracy Shuchart, Partner and Global Energy & Materials Strategist at Intelligence Quarterly, joins Jack Farley to talk about all things oil: how different parts of the world are affected by price spikes, supply and demand and other commodities.

Why has the price of oil dropped? Looking at detailed charts, Shuchart goes over the oil market in countries such as Russia.


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(00:00) Introduction

(00:51) Looking at Extreme Oil Corrections

(04:25) Current State of the European Energy Markets

(06:00) Will Russia Turn Off Europe's Gas?

(11:36) Economic Slowdown Playing a Role in Destroying Demand

(14:09) Structural Supply Deficit

(16:25) Why Is the Price of Oil Collapsing

(23:00) Why are Corporations Making so Much Money?

(24:30) Comparing Profit Margins

(26:45) Tracy's View on Oil Equities and Sensitive Commodities

(31:40) The Shorter Term

(33:22) Commodities

(35:47) Market Currencies in the Eye of the Storm

(37:34) Thoughts on Natural Gas, Oil, and Other Disallates

(39:30) Coal

(41:03) Hedging Issues

(43:00) Overrated Equities Within Commodities

(48:35) Solar and Wind Stocks

(49:43) Stocks Affected by Inflation

(53:50) Recessions in the US and Europe


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