Jack Ryan on The Housing Cartel That's Stifling The American Economy

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:01) The Residential Agency Brokerage Business Is "The Largest Cartel In The U.S." Argues Jack Ryan

(18:01) Is This Legal?

(23:24) Role of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs)

(28:32) Zillow’s Business Model

(35:24) VanEck Ad

(36:04) Rex’s Plans To Go Public Disintegrated After Material Slowdown In Business Upon Zillow Change

(39:39) Long And Short Ideas If Brokerage Fees Were To Go Down

(44:26) If Brokerage Is Such A Good Business, Where Are All The Excess Profits?

(48:40) How Zillow’s Business Decision May Have Impacted Rex Homes

(54:11) Rex’s Lawsuit Against Zillow, NAR, and Trulia

(01:05:55) National Association of Realtors (NAR) Has A Grip On Washington DC

(01:11:59) Closing Thoughts On Strength Of U.S. Housing Market


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