Michael Pettis: China's Economic Growth Model Is Dying

Michael Pettis, Professor of Finance at Peking University and senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, joins Jack Farley to share his thoughts on the Chinese economic growth model, which Pettis argues faces severe challenges.


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(00:00) Intro

(00:40) China's Economic Growth Model

(18:32) The Explosion of Debt in China

(26:01) Van Eck ad

(26:51) Domestic Consumption In China

(35:04) How The Chinese Banking System Actually Works

(39:04) Beijing's Controlled Demolition Of The Chinese Real Estate Bubble

(43:20) Trade Imbalances Have Facilitated Massive Debt Creation in The U.S. And China

(49:01) Why China's Use Of The Dollar Will Likely Continue

(01:00:46) The Chinese Stock Market Does Not Track The Chinese Economy

(01:02:45) Is The People's Bank Of China Adding Liquidity?

(01:04:55) Chinese Growth in 2023 Could Actually Be Strong Relative To The U.S.

(01:08:28) Closing Thoughts On Long-Term Chinese Economic Growth: Why The Pessimists Aren't Pessimistic Enough

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