China’s Deflation Trap | Brian McCarthy On The Popping Of The World’s Biggest Bubble Ever

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:35) The Chinese Financial System Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme

(05:17) The Property Bubble In China Is Popping (It's Still In Early Stages)

(11:21) How The Chinese Banking System Works: Window Guidance > Forward Guidance

(27:02) VanEck Ad

(37:52) Views On The Chinese Stock Market

(38:12) The Chinese Yuan (RMB) Must Be Devalued In Order To Stimulate The Chinese Economy

(47:11) U.S. China Trade Policy, Under President Biden and Under President Trump

(52:03) Much Of China's Bank Equity Is "Going To Be Wiped Out"

(57:32) Why Would Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Not Stimulate Its Economy And Avoid Major Slowdown?

(01:04:25) McCarthy's Long-Term Thesis On China: "They Will Go The Japan Path"

(01:11:37) China's FX Reserves

(01:14:06) Why Can't China Reinflate The Property Bubble?

(01:17:31) Closing Thoughts On China

(01:19:46) Macro Implications Of China's Slowdown On Global Economy


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