ep. 55


Bullish Commodities? Not So Fast | Lukas Kuemmerle

On today's episode of Forward Guidance, Lukas Kuemmerle joins Jack Farley to talk his commodity plan and interests in 2022. As someone interested not only in the strategy, but background of commodities, Lukas provides a comprehensive explanation of each of his commodity interests, discusses the current situation in Germany, and makes a case for his bullishness on Bitcoin.


(00:00) Introduction

(02:05) Background and Framework

(05:01) Commodity Overview

(11:00) Oil & Natural Gas

(23:54) Inflation Amid Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

(26:15) Why Lukas Got Short-Term Skeptical of Commodity Prices In March

(31:07) Backwardation & Contango

(34:30) Bearish On Soybeans

(39:26) Wheat

(41:08) Shipping

(46:08) Bearish Copper

(48:50) Dollar Strength

(50:32) Germany

(55:40) Bitcoin

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