The Bond Market Is Tanking. Is It Time To Buy? | Nanette Jacobson

Nanette Jacobson, Global Investments Strategist at Hartford Funds, joins Forward Guidance to share her investment outlook. Jacobson argues that it might be time to lean into bonds because the bonds tend to rally 13 months before the Federal Reserve cuts rates, and she and Jack Farley debate the various merits of owning bonds at this juncture in the business cycle.

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:30) Economic Outlook

(09:04) Outlook On Banking System

(12:45) Views On Interest Rates & Fed

(25:20) China is "Cheap For A Reason"

(30:14) U.S. Fiscal Stimulus

(37:22) Cautious Views On Stocks

(39:05) Common Costly Mistakes That Investors Make

(39:06) Debate About Bonds

(45:56) Common Costly Mistakes That Investors Make

(50:52) Expensive Stocks Can Always Get More Expensive

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