Relentless Hiring In Healthcare & Government Doesn’t Care About Fed’s Interest Rate Hikes | Eric Pachman’s Data-Visualizations On Why Inflation & Hiring Are Sticky

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:57) The U.S. Labor Market

(03:57) Tree Map Of Where New U.S. Jobs Are Being Created (It's A LOT In Healthcare and Government Sector)

(19:50) VanEck Ad

(23:17) The Growth In U.S. Government Jobs

(28:39) U.S. Healthcare Industry Is Incentivized For High Prices And High Job Growth Is A Consequence

(45:00) Homebuilding, Oil & Gas, and Retail

(52:11) Inflation Masterclass: Differences Between CPI & PCE

(01:11:35) Healthcare in PCE & CPI

(01:28:46) With Housing Inflation Where It Is, It Is Nearly Statistically Impossible For Inflation To Be At Or Below The Fed's Target of 2%


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