Mel Mattison: Asset Bubble Crescendo Until 2027 Collapse When U.S. Treasury Market Implodes

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:37) Mel’s Background

(04:13) The More Debt Is Created, The More Investors Want It (Story of Past 50 Years)

(06:59) Mel On Gold And Stock Market

(11:31) Inflating The Debt Away: The 1940s Playbook

(14:30) The Pre-Bretton Woods "Sterling Standard"

(17:36) Offshore Dollars ("Eurodollars")

(24:23) The Debt Spiral: Comparison to 1920s

(27:56) VanEck Ad

(28:38) Why Now?

(37:01) Great Depression

(43:24) Social Security = Ticking Time Bomb, Mel Argues

(48:30) Isn’t There A Self-Regulating Cycle Where Rising Bond Yields Slow Down The Economy (Which In Turn Creates Demand For Duration & Cash)?

(59:14) Timing: 2027

(01:04:52) Social Security Funding

(01:17:01) Gold and Inflation

(01:28:22) Mel’s Book, QUOZ


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