Growth Scare Hits U.S. Economy | Barry Knapp on Fed’s “Quadrilemma,” Lehman Brothers, and Job Market

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:37) The Fed's Quadrilemma

(09:46) The Fed's Views Of The Beveridge Curve and Phillips Curve

(34:06) VanEck Ad

(34:46) The Slow Death Of The Interbank Lending Market (AKA Fed Funds Market)

(38:27) Fed Should Adopt Once More A "Bills-Only" Policy

(43:21) Lehman: A Retrospective

(48:47) Fannie & Freddie's Role In Facilitating The Growth Of Subprime Securitized Products

(50:46) Moral Hazard In The Banking System Before The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008

(01:02:48) Lehman's Biggest Exposure Was Commercial Real Estate (CRE & CMBS), Not Subprime Residential (RMBS)


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